Research Interest

Information Security, Cryptography

Research Topics

1. Research on Cryptographic Protocols

As the development of information infrastructure, social and/or ecomonic systems such as electronic voting and electronic commerce system have been conducted with the assistance of electronic means, e.g. payment via network. We study cryptographic protocols for these systems, which prevent abuses by the third parties and/or protocol participants, thereby protecting the right and the privacy of protocol participants.

2. Research on Authentication

Authentication is quite promissing techniques to ensure the authenticity of messages and/or the verification of users accessing a system. We construct various authentication systems possessing variety of functionalities, and evalute them with respect to the security, the speed, the ease of use, etc.

3. Research on Computer/Information Systems from a Security Perspective

We study techniques contributing to secure computer/information systems. For example, we study programs from the viewpoint of security, e.g. study on tamper-resistant software. We also study various topics in new emerging fields from security aspect, e.g. security in ad-hoc networks.